Mahdi Rock

by DJ Multiple Sex Partners

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This is a tribute to the music of Africa -- specifically, Mali. Ever since getting introduced to Ali Farka Toure and Lobi Traore, I've been increasingly obsessed with the melodies and rhythms of the Sahara.

Mahdi Rock stands as a sign of things to come. 11/11 is a very auspicious date and this project is a digital sigil. EELRIJUE, Baby.

I love feedback: if you're enjoying this music, let me know.



released November 11, 2009

Arranged, Mixed and Mastered by Ivan Vilavonavich. The entire process was made possible by a marijuana strain known only as Apollo 11, several gallons of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee and Gunpowder Green tea prepared the Turkish way. Visual inspiration was provided by the films of Allejandro Jodorowsky, especially his visionary epic "Holy Mountain." If you're actually reading all this, you should also read the James P. Carse book "Finite and Infinite Games" -- it changed my life more than any Holy Book or Self-Help manual ever has.

This is a production of World Around Records: Creative, Honest, Positive...and GLOBAL. 2009, Baby.




DJ Multiple Sex Partners Burlington, Vermont

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